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The rise of technology, the growth of social and business innovation, and the breaking of walls between society, business, and government present a massive opportunity to create new, effective and equitable systems in the legal industry and justice delivery system. We are on the cusp of a massive change and HumLab is an effort to build an ecosystem that can catalyse that change, hold it accountable to the good of all, and create massive social and market value. 


Our first initiative



What’s Next

HumLab will host the Agami Summit on December 5. We also just launched the HumLab Originals podcast. Watch out for the announcement on future initiatives of HumLab at the Agami Summit itself.


Sachin Malhan is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has built many well-recognized initiatives in the legal industry.


Vahura is the leading talent search and management firm for the legal industry.

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Bayside Tech is a team of lawyers and technologists that provides automation and consulting solutions designed to make legal processes faster, better, and safer.

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Vayam is an accelerator of justice innovation incubated at Ashoka and led by a team of lawyer-entrepreneurs.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

— Alan Kay, the father of mobile computing